Helt’s Turf Farms is a family-owned and operated sod farm producing and installing the finest BlueGrass and Fescue sod around the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

The Helt family began in the sod business in the 1960s with Ralph and Velma Helt (Sam’s parents). Helt’s Turf Farms was founded in 1971 by Sam and Sue Helt, starting with an 80-acre farm southwest of Harrisonville, Missouri. Today Helt’s Turf Farms is operated by three generations of the family at our Pleasant Hill location. As of 2020, the Helt family farms nearly 2000 acres of sod and grain products.

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Narrow blade turf type fescue sod is our toughest and most popular product. With rich dark green color and the most heat resistant cool-season grass available. Fescue is practical for our climate and has the durability and rich coloration most homeowners are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our fescue sod.


Kentucky Bluegrass is a classic breed of turfgrass commonly used by homeowners and builders across our region for decades. Bluegrass has fine narrow blades and a soft carpet-like feel however it is not as heat resistant as turf type fescue. Contact us today to learn more about Kentucky Bluegrass.


We pride ourselves on being the go-to for all sod installation work. Here at Helt’s Turf Farms, we have a wide range of equipment and personnel to handle any job no matter the size. We specialize in new construction residential installations as well as commercial installation and government installation, this includes sports fields, golf courses, and roadways. Handling jobs from 500 square yards to 25,000+ square yards. Contact us today to learn more about our sod installation services.


Available in Pulverized and Non-Pulverized for pick up or delivery.


We offer wholesale pricing on both big and small roll sod, as well as a built in price for shipping or picked up directly out of one of our sod fields. Our wholesale pricing is exclusive to landscapers and contractors buying in large quantities and is priced dependant on customer loyalty and the yearly quantity purchased from Helt’s Turf Farms.

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